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The new version 1.1, includes new features like the option to record your own message, only available from version 3.1.

**** Special Launch Price ****

iSayCheese is the ultimate fun application for taking photos.

Choose from Say Cheese ! ( default ) , You are so cute ! , 茄子 ! , Patata ! , Chiizu ! and many more , touch the screen and your friends will hear the recording (instead of you) and will smile with surprise ! The camera immediately takes the picture, guaranteeing happy smiling faces .

Open the app , choose settings and select the language and recording you want to hear, hold the iPhone for taking pictures in either horizontal or vertical mode .

Set the volume of the iPhones speaker at maximum and ensure that your silent switch is in the off position . Make sure you do not put your finger on the iPhones speaker ( on the left lower side of the iPhone ) .

Touch the screen anywhere - this will immediately both trigger the selected sound recording and automatically shoot the picture with perfect timing to catch everybodys smile. Simple and fun!

Pictures will be saved automatically in the Camera Roll of the iPhone Camera application . The Photos button in iSayCheese allows you to move and scale all photos in your Camera Roll not just those taken by our application !

Not effective in very loud or noisy environments .

In this release , recordings by a young girl (g) and a young woman
(w) : Say Cheese , You are so pretty , 茄子 , You are so cute , Gucci , Chiizu , Hai Chiizu , Digam X , Diga Whiskey , Patata and Ouistiti .

Allows you also to catch smiles from your friends from the USA , UK , China , Japan , France , Brazil , other Latin America , Spain and many , many other countries .

We shall soon release a free update with the option to record your own message / voice and also release other fun recordings .

Compatible with iPhone
Requires iPhone 3.1 Software Update